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Machining CNC services

Looking for reliable partner for long-term cooperation? Meet ALABUS CNC.

meet alabus cnc

Need reliable and professional partner, who deliver your order on time at high precision? Alabus has experience in cooperation in numerous projects in Europe.

Curious to know more about us? Feel invited!

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aluminium connecting piece – turning
milling CNC
bearing - turning
bearing – turning
high precision - turning
high precision – turning

Visit our photo gallery and see more products that came out of our machines.

ALABUS CNC deals with widely understood machining, prototyping, improvement of technical solutions, e.g. optimization of production lines.

Our strength is understanding the client’s needs. If you know what you would like to produce or optimize, but you have no idea how to do it – we will help. You do not need to have extensive technical knowledge, or knowledge of materials or processes. We can look at the problem with your eyes and propose a tailor-made solution.
The company’s approach is to do your project well and effectively, so that you are satisfied and willing to come back to us.

Alabus had the opportunity to work with industries, including space, pharmaceutical, military, manufacturing, GPS accessories, construction and many others.

Are you looking for an individual approach? We are flexible, we value direct contact. Call us or write to us – let’s get to know each other better.

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