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About Us

About​ Us

Honesty transparency quality​

Marcin Alaba & Piotr Radkiewicz

Machining Experts

ALABUS is a team of engineers in a business of the precision metal and plastics machining.

We offer a very wide range of services, from turning, milling, through grinding, engraving to cutting and welding. We regenerate injection molds, produce dies, dies, crimps and other devices used in production.

Our company is distinguished by transparency of cooperation, a reliable approach to client’s projects and have creative solutions -when standard solutions do not work.

​All materials comes from reputable suppliers (Bohler Uddeholm PROPLASTIC). Upon request, provide a certificate of heat treatment and material certificate.

Our knowledge and experience is for you, dear Customer. We will do our best to  make the machine or production line work better and more efficiently.

​Production and construction companies as well as distributors of metal elements are welcome to cooperate with us.

It was a great experience and privilage to work with the aviation, military, pharmaceutical, industrial automation and other industries. ALABUS made also some interesting projects with research and scientific institutes and industrial design.

​We make sure that customers are satisfied and willing to come back to us.

Call us and ask for an express quote!

If you want to get to know how we prepare quotes – visit tab Pricing


Our mission is to provide best quality service of  machining and being a reliable long-term partner in production of your metal and plastic items


Our vision is to become direct supplier and manufacturer for companies seeking the best alternative in Europe. ALABUS will provide you competitive Polish prices with the best engineering quality.


  • honesty
  • transparency
  • quality