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failure of punching dies

failures of punching dies

punching dies

Today, a few words about failures of punching dies – devices working on presses, in serial production of metal parts. When working with dies, remember to:

proper lubrication

The guiding of the device, i.e. the guiding columns, sleeves and ball bushing, may become seized and lead to serious damage. Generally it happens when there is a lack of proper lubrication and periodic cleaning equipment from production waste (metal shavings, dust, etc.)

setting of the press stroke

Press stroke incorrectly calibrated – what can happen? The upper part will hit the lower and the device will be damaged if there are no bumpers. In addition, the press will be blocked. Opening the die would be time-consuming service. Moreover there is also a risk of damaging the press itself.

matching the punch with the matrice

The matching must take place at the die design stage. Sequentially, make sure both
the screws and the positioning pins sufficiently fix the punch and die in the base of
punch. Otherwise, the minimum deviation in the vertical / horizontal plane may lead to
to collisions and destruction of the punch and die.

regular sharpening of the punch and die

Strange operating noises or jamming metal parts in the die may indicate wear
cutting surfaces. You should then stop working and take stamp with the matrice to sharpening.

Applying the above rules will extend the work of the die. Moreover production of metal parts in large series will be on time and the final product with the right quality.