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Milling CNC

Milling is one of the machining processes (subtractive machining) next to turning, drilling, grinding or cutting. This process causes the workpiece to achieve the desired shape, size and surface quality. It is a good alternative to making holes, countersinks and threads that were once drilled, tapped or turned.


Turning is a type of machining – one of the basic and most popular. In order to obtain the desired shape and dimensions of the workpiece, the turning knife separates the top layer of material. This method of machining applies to both external surfaces (turning) and internal workpieces (boring). When separating the excess material, we obtain chips of different length and elasticity – depending on the type of the turned material – they are a side effect of turning.

metalware producing

We are experienced metalware and plastic elements producer. From project, execution to shipping. Ask for our portfolio and express quote.

chocolate matrix by Alabus


Do you have an idea? Do you want to make a prototype and develop it and prepare for serial production and introduction to the market? We will help you. ALABUS will help. Just call us.

We have experience in developing technologies for various industries. Our last order concerned the improvement of technology and the production of GSM accessories for the Swedish market.

Punch-for-assembly line


We offer a full range of machining from turning, milling through threading, grinding to drilling.
At each stage of the process, we will advise you on how to carry it out in the most effective and efficient way.

We care about the final effect that will satisfy the most demanding customer, and not just a representation of the drawings.

Explore our portfolio and order an express quote. We also encourage you to call to us if you have any questions or concerns.

Frequently Asked Questions

where do you have your workshop?

Our workshop is located in Łomianki next to Warsaw.

Do you have an experience in international cooperation?

ALABUS CNC Production has experience in cooperation with big international companies. We did projects for Italian, French, Scandinavian partners as well as for domestic institutions.

What industry did you work for?

Automotive, pharmacy, military, forestry, electronics, construction, science, packaging industry.

Do you accept euro, dollar payments?

Click here to change this text. Lorem We accept EUR and USD payments any time in any contract by international bank transfer.

I have an idea, but no project

We will turn any idea into a project, then will implement the technology and run production for you. Do you need certain technology or tools or a production line, or just want to outsource your production – do not hesitate to ask.

can you improve technology for my plant?

ALABUS can produce high-quality tools that will improve your production line. We provide analysis of the production process in your plant and based on the final product we can propose optimal technical solutions. We made spare parts for machinery, reconstructed them and carried out repairs and services including on-site commissioning.

If you have more questions, call or write.

Find out more about milling, turning or machining.

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