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Surface planning and boring

Complex surfaces larger than 300 mm often cannot be processed in a conventional manner. Either machines with a large working area or the ingenuity of the operator are required. Below is an easy way to plan areas with irregular shapes. The advantage of the solution is the resignation from expensive CNC services for large machining centers; a large diameter milling head is also redundant. We mount the boring bar in the holder horizontally (!) Then insert the tool into the spindle of the milling machine. Boring bar – a typical tool for setting diameters, finishing holes, cylinders, sleeves, this time is used for precise machining of flat surfaces.

The attached photos show the regeneration of the CNC machine – planning the aluminum frame. The machining is accompanied by low cutting forces, the process calibration is simple and the surface is perfectly even – milling with an accuracy of 0.02 mm – without grinding.

untitled image

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